10 Future Apex Legends Updates! Ranked Mode + XP Events + Stat Tracker + Mirage Buffs + More!

Thanks for watching!! In this video I cover 10 apex legends updates that should could in the near future. I also show off what the apex devs have said about these apex updates. I post daily Apex Legends Updates, Funny Moments, Concepts, News and More!! Subscribe and Like for more!

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21 thoughts on “10 Future Apex Legends Updates! Ranked Mode + XP Events + Stat Tracker + Mirage Buffs + More!

  1. Events to get limited time rewards is a thing that should’ve been going on all this time because they are already leaving players with nothing to do and I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be really hard to come up with a event literally make them give a free Legendary skin for a Legend and some Apex packs

  2. I really hope they don't implement an early quit penalty; there are so many reasons to quit early other than just "I died".
    Like, what about those games where my jump master pings bunker, and I want to disconnect before even landing, because my entire team is just going to immediately die before looting anything? What about when I have a teammate with a laggy connection and I want to disconnect early to find a game where I can move and shoot my guns properly? What about when I get last pick, and the two people in front of me have no regard whatsoever for me flashing over both my main and backup character, leaving me a legend I'm not going to enjoy playing at all?
    I could go on, but, I think y'all get the point.

  3. Wraith and Lifeline are OP for the simple fact that this is a game about dealing damage, and receiving as little damage as possible. These two are a whole head shorter than even the medium-rig characters like Bangalore, and they're also very thin. If they crouch they're even smaller. This makes basic evasive maneuvers like AD-strafing very powerful. They can dodge bullets by sheer virtue of being small targets.

    Wraith can avoid damage with Phase, and Lifeline can rapidly heal to full HP in a fraction of the time of other characters.

    That's literally all it takes for Wraith and Lifeline to have the highest win rate and pick rate. Not to mention they are always played together and thus share 4 abilities with each other. (Voices, Portal, DOC, Air Drop). They fit the SMG-Wingman meta to a T.

    (And lets not forget about the 3rd smallest character, which seems to be Pathfinder's hitbox…)

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