10 Reasons RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Is Better Than GTA 5! (RDR2 vs GTA 5 Comparison)

Top 10 Reasons Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Better than GTA 5! Including Engine Upgrades, Weapon Loadouts, Gore, Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2!
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20 thoughts on “10 Reasons RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Is Better Than GTA 5! (RDR2 vs GTA 5 Comparison)

  1. So Many Good Games

    – Red Dead Redemption 2
    – Until Dawn
    – Man Of Medan
    – The Last Of Us (Remastered)
    – Detroit Become Human
    – Just Cause 4

    And So Mamy More ?

  2. GTA V = Trevor Phillips
    RDR2 = Micah Bell

    TBH & no homo, we need to see Micah fully fleshed out before we can truly decide the victor of these two well esteemed games.

    One features the wild west of the 2000s while the other the turn of 1900s. I think they both have a place in my meth lab.

  3. 10 reasons and you never include characters… the characters of gta 5 are nothing compared to the rdr2 characters, how in the world can you not mention any of that

  4. Red dead is a realistic approach and gta is messing around with fun,and I like that. Keep gta a unbelievably ridiculous fun series and make red dead how you just did

  5. These days nobody follows the age restrictions, you can find a 10 year old playing gta v while its for 18 and above.

    Right now i am 16 but i am playing red dead 2 ?

  6. what a evolution…. rockstar improve almost everything….2013 to 2018….woooo.!!!! i mean Rockstar makes gta5 in 2013 and still running….!!!! 7 year going to complete this game… still compite with 2018 openworld games…woooo and now red dead redemption 2…. and now wondering about GTA 6….???..!!!

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