10 Tips To Instantly Improve In Apex Legends Season 3!

New Hop Ups, New Legend, New Map Secrets and Fighting Tips! This video is possible thanks to EA Game Changers! This is your one stop shop to improve your game In Apex Legends and get a leg up over the competition! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ►

Apex Legends Season 3 Best Tips and Tricks to Improve and win more games! This game is not easy as far as battle royales go, but Season 3 puts all players on an even playing field with a brand new map. It introduces a new legend, Crypto, and adjusts the weapon values, hop-ups and takes some crucial aspects of the meta away! These changes, plus everything you need to focus on in a fight is all inside this video – giving you what you need to be more prepared than your opponent, and be more successful in World’s Edge! This is going to be a great season! Whether it’s gameplay, update information, or general advice on how to approach winning team fights, this video has what you need to instantly improve in Apex Legends season 3!

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37 thoughts on “10 Tips To Instantly Improve In Apex Legends Season 3!

  1. Was expecting to givee tactics or approach on how to play the game but ended up with just introduction to the new season content, flex on the crypto video he has and weapon updates.

    Your video will be useless after this season.
    Your video is just a talk about what the new season brings not how to improve. Misleading.

  2. This video is 99% about the changes from Season 2 to Season 3 and hardly says anything about tips and stratigies that are always relevant. I.e. don't make an intro saying that this video will help u be better in Apex at any season when the video is sololy focused on season 3 changes. ?‍♂️

  3. You don’t need to destroy the “ball” when it’s legendary to get a vault key it will drop a key if there is 3 or more red circles on the ball (this was during the end of season 3 and it hasn’t changed yet in season 4)

  4. I havent played at all until literally the other day for the 1st time. I didnt have a PS Plus account and didnt know it was a battle royal game. Knowing that I'm all about it. Gotta catch up, I'm way behind

  5. I used to play the hell out of Fortnite, but my friends and I have been having a blast playing Apex. Season 3 is a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to season 4 and the new Legend.

  6. I just started with apex like two days ago my aim is really good cus i have a really high elo in csgo but i realized that apex is not just aim it's much more and ur vid really helped thank u.

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