10 Tips & Tricks That Will Help You with 2x GTA$ Import Export Sales This Week!

10 Things That Will Help You Make 2x GTA$ in Import Export Sales This Week!
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The 32 cars you can store in your Vehicle Warehouse:

Standard :
1. Bestia GTS
2. Sabre Turbo Custom
3. Tampa
4. Banshee 900R
5. Nightshade
6. Jester
7. Turismo R
8. Feltzer
9. Massacro
10. Alpha

Mid :
1. Tropos Rallye
2. Seven-70
3. Sultan RS
4. Cheetah
5. Coquette Classic
6. Verlierer
7. Omnis
8. Zentorno
9. Entity XF
10. Coquette BlackFin

Top :
1. Roosevelt Valor
2. ETR1
3. Z-Type
4. Tyrus
5. Mamba
6. FMJ
7. T20
8. Reaper
9. X80 Proto
10. 811
11. Osiris
12. Stirling GT

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22 thoughts on “10 Tips & Tricks That Will Help You with 2x GTA$ Import Export Sales This Week!

  1. I don't understand anything that's happening in exports and imports, so can someone explain
    How to start importing / exporting
    How much you make
    What to do when I've started it
    How to not make losses and continue It with high profits

    And explain what it is

  2. With the La Mesa Warehouse, take the first two rights and go through the gates you will see. Then park your car(s) in another area with a gate entrance. After that the enemies will come after you with very small chances of damaging your car.

  3. 1. Cargobob is shit at transporting a car
    2. That was because of the 2x Event
    3. Dont kill these enemys. It takes way too long. It is faster when you just drive through and the costs are pretty low
    4. They are not deadly they are pretty dumb. Just drive away from them. Done.
    5. The Damge is not high at all!!! There is defintely no need for a second account to store your money. That is way to much effort
    6. Do the missions in stealth mode…. Then there wont be any helicopters.
    7. Train tracks? Too many obstacles and too much effort. Just take the road dude.
    8. Cargobobs for selling cars… Takes way too long and damages the car too much.

    So about the Police… Call Lester! Every mission with police can be easy with Lester

    Dude… Your Tips n Tricks are dumb

  4. Can anybody help me do Import Export missions on ps4. Im only missing like 15 cars to fill up and you’ll make 1 million clean to help me deliver! If you are interested add me: SpxlledGxd

  5. can somebody help me i just finish exporting an collected cars with friends and receive my money then i close my gta then couple of minutes i join back and the money i made is gone plus the cars i sold is also gone so can some one help me

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