13 Apex Legends Tips According To You – Apex Legends PC Gameplay

Surprising nobody, our viewers are quite a bit better at Apex Legends than us. After they gave us some decent tips, we figured the best thing to do would be to pass them on in video form. Here are 13 Apex Legends tips according to you.

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30 thoughts on “13 Apex Legends Tips According To You – Apex Legends PC Gameplay

  1. if you recover a teammate don't take all the weapons at the spawn point or at the very least drop them a weapon, they're not going to be much help if they have no weapons!

  2. Gotta be careful with long range fights in general. Real tricky to actually kill people at distance unless you just down one and then push. Sitting at sniper range and having a protracted fight is an open invitation for another team to show up and shoot your butts.

  3. You mentioned not bothering with ranged fights because you miss your shots but I noticed that either your sensitivity or dpi is super high whenever you seem to move your mouse slightly your crosshair jumps very far. If you ever read this I highly recommend you try lowering your sens/dpi.

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