5 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! – Apex Legends Season Four

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These are the BEST NEW tips and tricks in Apex Legends Season 4! In this video we have everything from amazing new hiding spots to ambush the enemy to secret tricks with new & existing legends! Enjoy these insane new Apex Legends tips & tricks!

New Train Yard grapple rope – 0:31
Did you know you can do THIS with Revenant? – 0:57
Revenant’s unique hard to hit strafe – 2:15
Revenant can get into these tricky spots – 3:04
New OP spot in the Harvester! – 4:06
The secret indirect Caustic buff – 5:12

Outro Song: TheFatRat – Infinite Power!
All background songs are provided by Epidemic Sound:

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41 thoughts on “5 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! – Apex Legends Season Four

  1. I don’t think staying crouched and straffing is good. As most people won’t go for the head and just aim at your body. But if you crouch there is more chance you’ll get headshot instead of body shot

  2. i knew this video was sponspored at the moment you said this game is fluid …
    pls , i got 3k hours on apex.
    say that this game is fluid just one more time.. i will find you .. :p

  3. me: He plays apex?
    Video: Sponsored by EA
    Me: oh ffs-

    I've been playing since season 1 btw but my k/d is 0.57 lol, also no disrespect for being sponsored, gotta get some money

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