5 Things FortNite Does Better Than PUBG (FortNite vs. PUBG)

PUBG In Depth Mini-14:
FortNite is the new Battle Royale game that Epic Games made to compete with PUBG. It is free to play and runs on consoles too. However, it is critized for being a copy of PUBG or just a toned down version. While I feel those criticisms are fair, I also feel that FortNite does a few things better than PUBG. So today I wanted to focus on what FortNite got right and how PUBG could improve. Got gameplay of both games and side by sides for a little FortNite vs PUBG action.

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37 thoughts on “5 Things FortNite Does Better Than PUBG (FortNite vs. PUBG)

  1. Fortnit is very very like catoons its for kids but pubg is all reallife whit very very good graphic fortnite graphics are a cartoon why play fortnite more peaple than pubg becaus its like not real live and its see like cartoon and most children play this game

  2. Yeah fornite is a great game but as compared to pubg …. For me pubg is more best and best and best game ever….pubg can do many things that fornite can't…the graphics is also clear for pubg but for fornite it is like a cartoon…I play fornite after playing pubg and it confused me a lot

  3. PUBG: 30% Looting, 50% Fighting, 10% Camping, 10% Memes
    Fortnite: 99% Looting, 1% Fighting

    1. Even Though Fortnite Has A Much Smaller Map Than PUBG, It’s Still Much More Harder To Find People Randomly. In PUBG, just drop in Pochinki and get 5 Kills.
    2. Fortnite Doesn’t Have Good Long Range Fights As Most Players Are Bad At Math And Trying To Shoot Directly At Their Enemies At Long Range.
    3. PUBG is Sixth On All Time Selling List And Fortnite Isn’t In Top Ten
    4. Last but Not Least, FORTNITE IS FOR KIDS!

  4. How many people say fortnite is for kids just cuz its animated? Its good to have a populuar game which isnt a realistic wannabe. Its good to have a classic animated game. Pubg "Adults" really need to grow up because its obvious they are desperate kids who would die for pubg. That shows pubg fans are kids

  5. Now now there is opinion of hate and like pubg but if your a fortnite fan and pubg hater you are wrong hate pubg pubg was the one who bring battle royale come to life if pubg wasn't here fortnite and any other br games won't existed so no hate and I like both just don't played them often

  6. I play pubs mobile and most games I get I mostly get people who don't speak English and I've experimented it on multiple server regions and mostly get paired up with people who have no idea what I'm saying. I think the reason is when you make an account PUBG instantly makes the language your teams gonna be in English, a lot of People don't pay attention to this and some people just straight up don't even what it says and what it does.

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