5 Tips PROS ABUSE That Most Players NEVER Use In Apex Legends Season 4!

Frustrated in Apex Legends Season 4? Is your game MISSING something? Here are 5 tips most players overlook, that PRO players ABUSE! From Armor Swapping to Loot Valuation, DO these 5 things and you WILL step your game up! 1K LIKES? Comment your tips! #sponsoredbyea:
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30 thoughts on “5 Tips PROS ABUSE That Most Players NEVER Use In Apex Legends Season 4!

  1. I've been watching your tip vids since back in season 2 when I first tried Apex. Went from getting dropped in the first few minutes to regularly hitting top 10… Too many 2nd places than I care to admit but it feels better than 13th any day. I know watching and putting into practice many of your tips helped me go from 0 kills 100 damage to just the other day my first 8 kill 1000 damage game. Not that great I know but for me as a player it was a huge milestone. Tons of practice and the help of pros like you does work! Just keep at it and keep having fun. Thank you sir

  2. I just I dunno I’m good it’s just I always have sorry team ates or decent ones but we seem to always have to fight like 3 or more squads at a time more than less it’s impossible and I don’t know how to overcome this it seems to happen every time I want to give up playing it I’m nearly at my breaking point

  3. Extra tip re: Number 2

    A quick glance at your team mates' inventories shows what they have. Pinging a level 1 backpack or a helmet when they are still empty makes all the difference.

    A bit more advanced, I think, is dropping a weapon if you see both your teammates also carrying similar weapons. May as well take that L-Star instead of having all three of you fighting over Heavy ammo.

  4. The thing I need to learn is how to use wingman and pk. Unfortunately my aim is pretty terrible with them so I'm missing too much with the wingman or only hitting those 10dmg shots with the pk but I feel like I should just stick to my other guns over them because I'm already very good with them and do very well with them.

  5. I keep one-two stacks of ammo for my secondary (usually a sniper), 2-3 stacks for my main (usually a R-301)
    1 stack of medkits or syringes (not both)
    2 stacks of shield batteries and/or cells (you always find more than enough in a downed enemy to replenish these).
    Every other space goes to grenades

  6. How to win? Or get more kills?…. Most of these guys are giving advice on how to get kills……hence you keep getting Third Partied……. Knowing where loot is….. And knowing the map matters…..

  7. You can also go in all three agains one fun Wichita means you can win more fights and also look from a far to know how they play for like 30 seconds and wait till their all alone and shoot

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