ABSOLUTELY LOST FOR WORDS!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S5 Ep3

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45 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY LOST FOR WORDS!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S5 Ep3

  1. When he plays down the middle to Malden/Origi/Augusten, he is very good back to goal, his downfall is creating chances from wingers regardless of ratings. Would recommend playing 4-1-2-1-2, and play your new winger at full back and that would seem to suit your style of play.

  2. hey man. I would like you to raid the bologna fc team. i have a career mode save on them and they have pretty decent players. Deniswill, Tomiyasu, Sansone you name them. im very impressed

  3. Here is a tip for you, and is the best way I found to be able to attack the opposition. Just set the defence to be as deep as possible but press all over. Then in attack make sure you set the tactics to fast build up and set up wingers fairly wide, it makes it so much easier to counter attack

  4. Try 4-4-1-1 with tactics set to drop back and then have your wingers make runs down the sides. Since you have high rated players on the bench you could also high press throughout the game as you have good players to replace tired starters

  5. perhaps you should try to use strafe dribbling with both bumpers. its a good alternative to shielding and allows you to create space for runners or simply move around slower defenders

  6. try changing instructions of wingers and use them to cut inside more than crossing, unlike previous career modes the team performance is not based on counters anymore but on possession play , you have holding midfielder trying at the edge of box for long range shots ,and at least one of the fullbacks attacking for width , you dont seem to have players available for passes at least half of the time

  7. You should change the formation. Maybe try a 4-3-2-1 (with a DM), it's the one that works the best for me, and also have a look at players and team instructions, they make a huge difference

  8. I don't think you got the right players Ches. Malen so far shines the most, because he breaks trough exquisitely for you.
    But, Atal just doesn't have the finishing to be a deadly winger for you, he's got the crossing, but not the shooting.
    Sanches is decent… But, he won't do much finishing for you.

    FIFA has a big span of being crap for certain players, I play Pro Clubs a LOT and the amount of times my sides have bad luck is just mind-blowing. You're not bad, FIFA's just giving you a hard period atm.

  9. The new FIFER MOD increases the AI Goalkeeper ability. I had 18 shots 15 on target and only 2 went in after lacing it in bottom corners. The keeper saved every single one of the shots directed at him.

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