Apex Legends and Overwatch – How big an Impact, what changes are needed

Apex Legends and Overwatch – How big of an impact will the new Apex Legends have on Overwatch and what can be changed and learned
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47 thoughts on “Apex Legends and Overwatch – How big an Impact, what changes are needed

  1. ok so I have a problem; I started playing apex and it’s literally all i play, but every time I go back to overwatch now and then, but now I suck at ow like I’ve lost all game sense and it’s not good h e l p

  2. Nope, they are of two different genres, the only similarity is a "hero" mechanic and thats its an fps. Whats gonna kill Overwatch is Overwatch League. Its by far the worst thing to happen to OW. The devs are entirely focusing on that and the actual playerbase is completely left out. The lack of content isn´t helping either. Its been almost 3 years and we got like a handful of new heroes and maps.

  3. Yeah Apex Legends feels better because the devs choose to cater the shooter mechanics and gameplay over heavy teamwork. That's the problem with OW is it's too reliant on teamwork to even get kills so most of the time matches are lost due to no peeling, regroups or whatever.

    Like I can't find a solid reason to play OW not for fun but for the shooter mechanics I am an FPS player and OW does have good shooter mechanics but its being hindered but what Seagull said in his video about the state of the game, it's impossible to be able to have impact because of relying so much on randoms… I like to be able to have that solo impact on a match. And you are right "….what I'm doing just kind doesn't really matter, only takes one player to lose." Ugh.

    I just wish that OW would focus less on teamplay in general and let really good FPS players be able to have more of an impact nor is there any kind of counter attrition like you would in regular FPS titles if you are down a man or two its easy to frag back and losing fight, OW you can't do that not even nearly the extent.

  4. this is different types of games- so no- won't destroy overwatch. but I guess its gonna die after 2-3 years as pubg and millions of other battle royals.. Overwatch kinda old but not dead YET. And why overwatch will live more? couse there are more game modes and custom games with big potential to make fun games in overwatch like tanks and glory, safari hunts, boss fights, rullets, team fortress Overwatch edition and other stuff.. buttle royals is only with competition and nothing else- and this is boring (in my point of view) :v

  5. I love Overwatch! I am REALLY DIG APEX LEGENDS! I LOVE OWL!!!!! I will watch as many OWL games as possible! I am going to try to attend a Home Game! I will play Apex, I will watch OWL. I will plqay Overwatch still. 😀 Keep up the GREAT work!

  6. It was 633k people today for Apex on Twitch when I checked. A pretty big jump. Also, everyone I know have quit OW. There’s literally zero people playing OW on my list now. Most people I know have migrated to Apex and loving it.

  7. "You can carry your team" that's what I don't like about other games, Overwatch is absolutely team based and everyone has to do their job. However, everything you said about Overwatch is true. It has way too many problems

  8. Not defending overwatch but its inherently disingenuous to not show what the overwatch viewership numbers were last year. I mean if your going to put in the work to make a youtube video show some research so you have a well rounded argument.

  9. When my whole squad dies and I'm surrounded by 3 others in apex it's always "hold up I got this I'm gonna clutch it". When even a single person dies in overwatch it's always a GG feeling.

  10. Overwatch is fundamentally flawed at it's core. Hero hot swapping effectively breaks the game. Hard counters should not exist in a competitive game like this not to mention press q to win and a meta that is essentially created by blizzard. In the hands of good developers who actually care about their community this game would be one of the best fps multiplayer experiences ever but we all know blizzard prefers instant cash over longevity.

  11. I enjoy both games apex is new overwatch is older and honestly overwatch is the same all the time. Like I said I play both I love overwatch and will play it till it but blizzard needs to learn how to continue to draw people back.

  12. If Fortnite didn't hurt Overwatch, this one won't either because not everyone likes BR games and both games don't even compare, what hurts OW is the lack of updates, characters and maps and how annoyingly slow they are given.
    Another thing you guys should consider is that NOT everyone is looking for the league or competitive play in OW, a huge deal of people mostly play quick play and are not interested in forming clans, joining groups or be ranked, they just want to have fun in a few quick matches and that's it, so if anything this could alleviate the pressure from those pushing for these types of competitive plays in OW.
    If you don't believe it, Team Fortress 2 still has lots of players and they basically stopped creating content a really long time ago :P.

  13. Overwatch Devs are not even listening anymore because of the Activision takeover. They are now focused on making money rather than making there fans happy. Why make new gamemodes when you can make money making new skins.

  14. I have over 1000 hours in overwatch, and I’m not excited to play it anymore. Honestly i probably won’t go back. I really enjoy Apex, and i can swap between that, red dead and kh3 rn

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