Apex Legends First Look | Better than PUBG?

Two years since PUBG and Fortnite arrived on PC, we finally have a Battle Royale that actually feels fresh and offers a compelling reason to switch. Say hello to Apex Legends. While it’s based on the same BR formula, it refines it to such an extent that it might as well be a different genre altogether. Here’s Gadgetwala with everything you need to know to get started!

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24 thoughts on “Apex Legends First Look | Better than PUBG?

  1. piche ka background accha nahi hai asha hai ki agle.video me aisa.naa.ho ..Q ki sir 20 sec aapki video dekha or mera sir me dard start hogaya prr fir bhi mai video pura dekha Q ki apex legend ke baare me aapne bataya… video jetna simple banayega or jetna kam music utna der tk banda uss video ko dekh sakta hai Q ki aaj kal ham log mob ko 8hrs se bhi jyada use krne lage to hame jyada lachk wachk wali vido dekh kr frustration hone lgta hai

  2. Apex legends is not be a next pubg. Is be a first apex legends.
    Also apex legends is futuristic game and I like it so much.
    And my favorite legend is wraith.
    Like if agree.

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