Apex Legends how to get BETTER AIM on CONSOLE (Xbox One & PS4) | Apex Legends Tips

In this video you’ll learn how to get BETTER AIM in Apex Legends, so that you will improve at the game and start winning more gunfights. I give you a host of different tips from settings to tricks you can do to improve your in game accuracy especially on console both the Xbox One & Ps4.

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31 thoughts on “Apex Legends how to get BETTER AIM on CONSOLE (Xbox One & PS4) | Apex Legends Tips

  1. Everyone i encourage u to gradually up your sensitivity as u play the game because i dont believe this knows what hes talking about. Higher sensitivity allows for quick adjustments, flicks, insane 1v3 squad wipes. I dont understand what he was talking about pros using low sens when aceu, dizzy well on pc have high sens. I use advanced look controlls and it helps by far because u play a lot smoother and it helps tweak those little fixes.

  2. So right bro all this tips are great but like you said just practice practice practice and practice and you will see how your aim and everything will improved a lot, thx for the video keep up the good work

  3. When there is about 5 squad left wait until 3 then find them wait for them to fight the other when they are done then rush and get easy wins: need slight skill or good teammates

    I get wins a lot with this trick

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