Apex Legends Mobile + Arcade Event Update + New Servers (Apex SquadCast Podcast #5)

Thanks for watching the Apex Legends SquadCast Podcast #5! In this video we cover the new #ApexLegends Grand Soiree Arcade Event, Apex Mobile, New Servers, and more! Subscribe and turn on the bell to make sure you don’t miss out on future videos!

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46 thoughts on “Apex Legends Mobile + Arcade Event Update + New Servers (Apex SquadCast Podcast #5)

  1. Until respawn starts listening to their fan base and what they actually want apex legends is dead. I literally cant be the only one that's more then disappointed with what they have done like come on we spend the money towards the game we have the right to put input for something we own in a sence like fuck. Juat yhe first battle pass I got seems like a huge fucking mistake ??

  2. Question: I kind of want to know your all’s ideas on heirlooms, like do you have any ideas for certain characters heirlooms? And give a review on all the previous heirlooms and what you all think about them all

  3. Honestly love the videos and the stuff that has been talked about. For the next episode you def gotta talk about the patch. Was the crypto buffs enough and why is Gibby getting buffs still? Also Triple take nerfed?

  4. I've said it once, I'll keep saying it: I really don't think multiple maps selection is a good idea. The whole point aside from it being a BR (at least I feel as such) is the change of scenery going into season 3 was to help the story progress due to the events of season 2. So, while players (myself included) would like to have the choice of maps, I really like seeing this game progress as one big story. So I think having events like the Soiree or Fright or Flight that will bring back Kings Canyon or even Worlds Edge in future seasons would be a good way to have nostalgic game play and not saturate the experience. I know even the players who really liked Kings Canyon were stoked the first time they saw Worlds Edge and only realized they missed the old map after not having it

  5. Just played a game. 8 kills 2.2k damage and I won and I had Kraber Mastiff constantly switching out them out for more ammo but the only thing I had in my inventory was 42 shield cells and 8 battery’s so it is definitely a different played game in gold rush.

  6. Fixing the Problem with predators and diamonds queuing up with me even though I’m only silver it may be because my pub matchmaking skill level is bass hires my ring because I do play those in when most the time but it’s still annoying to have to go get the sweats in regular

  7. Hi, this isn’t exactly but more of a statement. I’ve been playing gold rush duos this evening and I was in a fight in train yard. I got knocked and my teammates got kicked (I had self res) but then the whole game just went nuts. The guy who knocked me couldn’t revive his teammate as it would just keep resetting for some reason, and I couldn’t use my self res because it just wouldn’t let me. I also noticed this where my teammate got knocked and it kept cancelling my revise and slowly move my teammate across the room. Has anybody experienced this as well.

  8. Meteors hitting World's Edge destroying a lot of the map and causing volcanic eruptions would be cool for Season 4. The Skyhook could have collapsed and destroyed a few buildings. The epicenter needs change because it is such a big area and the layout sucks, maybe with all the meteors and lava all the ice melts and opens up that area some. Capital City could have a few buildings that have started to collapse just to change up the look some. Could even have part of the train tracks destroyed where the train will eventually crash, just don't be on it when it does! Thermal station, Tree, the Dome, and maybe Lava City could all be covered in lava making the map smaller which could help since the map is a little too big anyway. Then when the map gets too destroyed they decide to take the Apex games back to King's Canyon. Also, I don't think we should get Revenant until we go back to King's Canyon since that's where we seen him during the Halloween event. They should bring in someone else for Season 4 and bring in Revenant in Season 5, if the plan is to back to King's Canyon. Hopefully Bridges and Cascades are back up or something similar to it. And this is just for the story aspect of it…. Personally I'm really excited to get Revenant. I think his skins are going to be some of the best in the game.

  9. Do you think they're going to make it to that pc players can't move around while they're leading when they implement cross-play because I don't think it's fair that console players can't do that while PC players r

  10. Question: What do you guys think about FlyQuest dropping the entire sqaud from the team even though they are currently dominating in scrims; and are you looking forward to watching competive apex this year?

  11. If I was Respawn I would do this. Kings Canyon is for rank mode and World's Edge for public. Or the other way around. Middle of the season rotate maps.

  12. I think dummies big day is going to a public test for potential legends adjustments, (and maybe some new legend abilities as a little tease before s4?) sure they can test internally but the best results come from public testing. The caption was "this game ain't gonna test itself" after all

  13. What if the sun in world's edge isn't actually a sun and it's a giant meteor on its way to meltdown the epicenter. Then cue season 4 with world's edge with different landscape like they did with kings canyon.

  14. I have an idea for a crypto buff so if crypto goes down he could still use his drown while down and I have to ways to make it balanced the first way would be while using it when your down u bleed out slightly faster and the second way is u could only use it for a limited time like 1 min or smt

  15. Question: RaymeCV commented on somebody's reddit post about the Dummies big day LTM and said "It is so very, very stupid and I love it so much. ????" what do you guys think the game mode will be about using those emoji hints that he dropped?

  16. We have thousands of great players from India. we play on singapore servers but the lack of close proximity servers is really a hit on performance. We see servers that are located at places where there are so little number of players. We really need more servers closer for mid eastern countries.

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