Apex Legends New Map Gameplay! (Season 3)

Season 3 on Apex is here along with a new map, weapons, and Crypto!

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Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) – Loving Caliber

Settings and Equipment:

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49 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Map Gameplay! (Season 3)

  1. 1:37 We can use this man as an example of equality. He doesn’t know anything about that person he shot at, made an assumption, and corrected himself because he has no way of telling the physical gender or gender identity of that player.
    (I feel like a boomer now I’m just happy he used general pronouns probably because I live in a transphobic community and I have to lie about who I am)

  2. Gibby’s heirloom should be his axe or his body. Crypto’s should be his drone, Octane’s should be his selfie stick, Caustic’s should be a beaker, and Mirage’s should be knife/spatula for pork chops.

  3. I love the new map. While I loved Kings Canyon and will miss it, I think it was too slow at times. I always landed high aggro places (skull town) and after the opening fights and mad rush everything seemed to slow down like time was stopped. I found it pretty hard to find enemies. On the new map, I chose Capitol City cuz it looked like a lot of people would go there, found a lot of people, got away, and then instead of the game slowing down I found myself in other fights immediately.

  4. The only bad thing I can think of about the Charge Rifle is the wind up and the fact that it easily reveals your location. But it will break a shield easily if you land the first shot on someone's head who hasn't seen you.

  5. let me just get that out there fortnite has been out for almost 2 years and still no new map yet. but apex on the other hand only been out for a couple months and they already got a new map damn ?

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