Apex Legends Rap Song – Legend (Battle Royale) | FabvL ft. Moxas & SSLCK

I HAD to make an Apex Legends Rap song, Respawn created some of the best Gameplay we’ve seen yet from a Battle Royale game yet! Let me know what you thought about the track in the description below #ApexLegends #BattleRoyale #Gameplay

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► Songwriting – FabvL/Moxas
► Verse 1 – Moxas
► Verse 2/Hook – FabvL
► Mixing – FabvL
► Video Edited/Directed by – Rising Starz
► Instrumental Production/Mixing by – FabvL
► Mastering by – FabvL

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49 thoughts on “Apex Legends Rap Song – Legend (Battle Royale) | FabvL ft. Moxas & SSLCK

  1. Let’s be honest, this is us when our team goes down and we go beast mode. Or when we all are good and coordinated.

    I have killed 4 people because of that beast mode.

  2. Thermal So I See You Through The
    Smoke If You Pull Up On My Squad Well Probaly Turn To A Ghost With A Triple Take And On It Know I Got Precesion Choke Trust Me You Ain't On My Level You Ain't Even Geting Close Got No Hope Yeah
    Popping' Off Cause I'm A Legend Flyer Than A 757 Threw My Arc Star Pray To God And Call The Reverend I'm A Legend Yeah You Know The Clip Is Never Ending Bout To Send You All The Way To Heaven

    -Fabvl❤? Love Yall!

  3. The arc star part reminds me when I threw an arc star at a enemy and then hit them and knocked him and the ring was to our left so we ran and they died to the ring, one of my favs kills Eva.

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