Apex Legends Reddit Top Plays! Ep:9

Apex Legends


Thank you to the following redditors who provided clips on r/apexlegends

10: u/arbohk GT: arbohk
9: u/Gellix GT: CinnamonSwirles
8: u/its_drisc GT: its Drisc
7: u/TheSoupKitchenn GT: Sigmatics
6: u/TwoDizzleGaming GT: MetroBadger5515
5: u/Yesnojjj GT: TTV YesNojjj
4: u/Zachs_Drunk GT: Zachs Vibes
3: u/squidkudi GT: jballin16
2: u/notFG GT: denzelthekid12
1: u/mhayden1234 GT: Mhayden1200

If your clip is in this compilation and you do not want it to be, please email me at highaltitudegaming714@gmail.com

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