Apex Legends Season 4 Reveal Devstream

As we approach the Year One anniversary, we’re joined by Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier, Executive Producer Drew McCoy, and more dev team folks to look back at our incredible first year and talk about what’s coming in Season 4, including a new Legend, new weapon, updates to the map and Ranked, and more details on the Apex Legends Global Series.

Developing the Legends: 3:20
Year One Login Gifts: 9:56
Season 4 Preview: 10:40
Ranked Updates 14:17

Join us for a stroll down memory lane and then a brisk walk down future avenue!

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40 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 4 Reveal Devstream

  1. everything about this update was a joke. they made the already horrible map worse, added a terrible gun, gave us an under powered legend with underwhelming abilities, introduced master tier while taking away the rewards for diamond tier (which you dont even get to keep when the season is over now), and they added a map split with a "soft" reset so its even harder to make that rank you want. they pretty much just killed any incentive to play ranked at all.

  2. I want the devs to take a single shot winchester shotgun to the face from 6 feet and tell me it's only 19 damage after the dev is shot they should will tell us how that 19 damage works an feels. As well as 350 pound man with 180 pounds of armor runs silently show us how that works. Since it's such a amazing thing to see 🙂

  3. I honestly hope someone reads this. When ranked changes to Kings canyon in late March. The ranked "reset" will turn away alot of players.
    If I've already grinded to masters from bronze. Why would I want to reset back to bronze and do the whole grind again? A waste of time. You know we all have jobs you know.

  4. You know respawn is retarded when they only give you two man squads on ranked matches they want to punish you when you want to quit what kind of damn sense does that make

  5. Someone who is paid to-do a job should be punished that isn't doing there job I get punished on a time out for leaving a game that wasn't properly filled by very bad game servers

  6. So now that we get punished fir leaving ranked matches what happens to the person who is responsible for the severs or me having to play solo because if these shitty servers so what who gets punished for that

  7. The excuse to cut a map from the game because you're worried "players will leave if they don't get the map they want" is so asinine. All multiplayer games, including most Battle Royales, have multiple maps. People have their favourites. It's okay for people to have their favourites. Limiting players to a single map for months at a time despite the fact you have two perfectly good ones is baffling. Especially for new players. If you're really worried about players leaving then make it switch daily or weekly. Not seasonally.

  8. Here for Kings Canyon update. I don't know why they couldn't just make it an option to choose like the modes that are sometimes offered instead of the idea that it would be a random map if there was more than one map. Just let the players pick their map. I bet servers for all options would keep going and possibly keep players longer because the map options.

  9. I've had 6 hours of sleep in 2 days just to grind through diamond 2 to get pred, I start up another game of ranked and it says "ranked locked" Why was there not a timer set for when rank ended… I've put over $2k and over 2k hours in this game and this makes me want to quit…

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