Apex Legends Shows How Bad Black Ops 4 Really Is

#ApexLegends, a free to play battle royale game made by Respawn Entertainment which clearly showcases that Treyarch and the rest of the Call of Duty developers aren’t good at their jobs and it’s a better game than Blackout or Black Ops 4 in general.

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42 thoughts on “Apex Legends Shows How Bad Black Ops 4 Really Is

  1. honestly i wouldn't think that Gibraltar and Bloodhound were a part of the LQBTQ123ABCBOBBY+ community until someone pointed it out that Gibby's gay and Bloodhound's nonbinary, and i'd say it's good that they didn't shove it down your fucking throat saying "GIBRALTAR'S GAY! HE HAS A BOYFRIEND! LISTEN TO HIS PROUD GAYNESS! WITNESS BLOODHOUND'S NONBINARY VALUES! REEEEEE" like a PrOgReSsIvE game studio.

  2. All multiplayer games blow….stop fucken lying! Apex legends has packet loss on their data centers…many people are suffering from packet loss and aside from the game servers being crap..also your console's servers like xbox live servers blow ass! And ps4 as well! Thus stacking the unstable multiplayer gaming and also theirs lag compensation…DONT BELIVE THIS DUDE! ALL MULTIPLAYER GAMES ARE BROKEN..MARK MY FUCKEN WORDS CHUMPS.

  3. Why does saying two of the characters are LGBTQ equate to 'forcing an agenda'? If they don't say anything as such, everyone just assumes that they're not LGBTQ – nothing wrong with that, but there's equally nothing wrong with being LGBTQ (and in the context of the game there's no other way for the developers to get that information across other than to tell us). No one would complain if a movie were to make a character LGBTQ for the sake of that character's depth and substance. Why can't video game developers do it with original characters? Saying 'well why does the character have to be LGBTQ?' is like saying 'well why does the character have to be black?' Do you want every character in every game to be Travis the straight white male 35 year old? Does that apply to movies too?

  4. I hate that my friends hyped up BO4 and I spent 60$ for a game that we played for about week and I hated it. Battle Royales are just annoying because I get carried. I suck at battle royale games and I accept it, but seeing EVERY GAME COME OUT WITH A BATTLE ROYALE NEEDS TO DIE! I’m tired of Battle Royales!

  5. I agree 100% Rushers make the game great. Bo4 does not reward aggressive play style it rewards camping. So when the rushers leave the game the only ones left are camping pussies. Not moving until they get specialist cheese then camp some more for streaks that your team mates will surely give up. Haven’t played bo4 in like a month I’m on rdr2 now and while I enjoy GOOD cods more than any other games there hasn’t been a good cod sense bo4. I’m going to activision headquarters to wait in the parking lot and anybody wearing suits I’m gna throw eggs at them. Join the movement egg these executives we as a community have spoiled a billion dollar company that won’t make a good game because the hype and preorder sales are already good so that’s what they focus on DO NOT PREORDER MW4. By preordering games you are letting them get too comfortable and they at that point can count their chickens before they hatch. PLEASE IF YOU ARE A PASSIONATE COD FAN THAT WANTS A CERTAIN STANDARD OF QUALITY DO NOT PREORDER MW4. Buy it launch day. Personally I’m never buying another new cod. I’ll buy the new title but the used copy of it so if it’s complete garbage like every game after bo3 I’ll just get my money back and then hit up youtube and reddit and explain exactly what’s wrong with the game. I know exactly what’s wrong with it simply by playing it therefore I can’t fathom how they released such a shitty game. Get somebody in the building that doesn’t develop software someone just to simply play and criticize any bs. Whoever has that job now clearly needs to be fired and is a noob that camps and says they shouldn’t be able to run in my building and kill me I was here first. In bo3 I would shit on a camper run the entire map and come back around to that same camper in the same spot and shit on him again. I would just know he’s goin back to his little spot. This game rewards campers. Campers camp because they suck. This is a suck ass game. In bo3 you had to choose between specialist ability or weapon now you get both, double down on noob friendly everything. Quit dick riding other games. Why in the highest selling first person shooter game in the world is gunskill taking a back seat to specialist. RIP to all my dead controllers victims of the senseless bo4 rage. ✊?

  6. You know, I thought Blackout was very good, at least compared to Pubg and shitnite. Playing Apex for a week then going back to the clay textures and broken game of blackout… just… holy shit. How did I play that game? I'd say they need quads because I have 4 friends on at a time usually, but not sure how that balance would work.

  7. Glad those devs left and brought their a game and creativity with them to Respawn. Really shows that the higher ups at black ops only think about money and that they never listen to the consumers. Big ups to Respawn nothing but respect and I stumbled unto Titanfall series man what a gem, these guys are the future.

  8. I was wondering why I did so good in Black Ops 4 and then I tried Apex and got my fucking ass handed to me, multiple times. I just suck at fps lol and Blops held my hand and told me sweet little lies.

  9. Wow, another Captain Obvious video about Black Ops 4 and Respawn's (BTW, Vince sold the studio, he doesn't have a fuckin say in anything Respawn, they're another slave to EA and will be shut down in 10 years.) Apex Legends. Jesus Christ, do you and that clown SimonB1471 watch each other's lame content?

  10. Wow! The first honest review of a game. Not only solo and duo‘s are needed, but other maps. The assessment of how good Apex Legends is over Black Out, PUBG, Fortnite is right on the mark. I have even won two or three times compared to Black Out, Fortnite or PUBG and my skills are greatly diminished due to my age. I truly have enjoy Apex Legends and though I am still over powered by the younger set, it remains fun and one I look forward to playing at the moment. After playing PUBG over a 1000 hours I stay away from it. BO4 Black Out I stopped playing because of being over powered due to my skills. Fortnite I played maybe twice and saw no redeeming value for my time. As I get older and I have been gaming for about 12 years now, it has become obvious to me that in games involving COD should be setup on a tiered system. Naturally the best players, (usually the younger set) will be sitting at the top tier if their skills warrant it. Then you have the second tier and those are the ones who got elevated to that level from the third tier, which I would more than likely fall in. Your ability to move into the next tier would be dependent on your skills and how well you did in the lower tier. Sustain that level or be moved down to the previous tier. Of course these machinations come from playing thousands of hours of certain COD games, as well as Battlefield games and others. Overall excellent commentary and I will go now and enjoy some Apex Legends.

  11. Im sorry but i disagree on one point, at 2.20 you said they are the godfathers of first person shooters. Thats wrong and a guy of your age should know this. Doom 1989 made by ID software is the godfather of first person shooters. Didnt want to be that douche but if there wasnt things like doom, wolfenstein or quake, we wouldnt have cod the way it is today, also credit to unreal tournament for revolutionising online team play not long after. Apart from that one small detail, i totally agree.

  12. Blackout and Apex both suck. Apex is going to be the new fad for a while then it'll fizzle out like every other battle Royale game. It's what every game company does when they start to go bankrupt or lose players

  13. As a casual and bored COD player I downloaded APEX LEGENDS with much haste and hype. And the disappointment with AL was even greater than BO4. What the fuck is the aiming? What the fuck swinging camera while running? What the fuck are you talking about?

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