Apex Legends the Black Ops 4 Killer? – First Impressions and Review

#ApexLegends is a free to play Battle Royale made by Respawn Entertainment. In this video I give my first impressions and how it stacks up compared to other games like Fortnite and Black Ops 4 Blackout.

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27 thoughts on “Apex Legends the Black Ops 4 Killer? – First Impressions and Review

  1. I’m done with BR, I liked fortnite and blackout and pubg but now it’s so boring. I’m glad to see cod moving away from BR after bo4. Mark my words apex legends will die in a couple months.

  2. Honestly, this guy is wrong throughout.
    He says looting system isn't different. He says this was the wrong move for respawn and making Titanfall 3 would have been a better move. He says skins won't sell because fps. He says it won't kill blackout. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  3. Damn Ocho Thoughts LOL living in the past with cod4 and mw2. When im not playing this game I can actually enjoy watching another streamer playing this game. This sparked some life in the BR genre. Th is puppy is still sucking teets and needs time to stew and mature. See how it goes come summer even spring

  4. This is fortnite Competitor not a bo4 competitor. Both fortnite and apex are free to play and soon to be both crossplay. Blackout is pubgs competitor ,a paid realistic shooter. Anyway as much i love apex you gotta think logically. Apex can't "kill" bo4 because if it excels over blackout theres still multiplayer and zombies which are arguably larger.

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