Apex Legends Tracker App | Full Stack Node & Vue.js

In this project we will build an Apex Legends stat tracking app with Express & Vue.js and then deploy to Heroku


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35 thoughts on “Apex Legends Tracker App | Full Stack Node & Vue.js

  1. Hey Brad I still didn't see any of your vue.js tutorials, plan to start soon… I heard that Vue has something similar to react hooks, and vuex which is similar to redux. Which one do you use in these projects? And any recommendations for me to build my own apps? Thank you.

  2. I've run into problems retrieving data from 1:01:11 . Getting a proxy error :
    "Could not proxy request /api/v1/profile/psn/BurKe93_ from localhost:8080 to http://localhost:5000/."
    Could someone please assist as I'd love to finish this project!
    I was assuming it was some syntax error (chubby fingers) but no :/
    More experienced web dev, where are you my savior?

    I can run them separately and requests are successful in POSTMAN.

  3. I received an server error message GET /api/v1/profile/psn/ShamROcks987 500. After setting the profile.js it was not possible to fetch the data from the server.
    Does somebody know what my problem is? I think, the code is right.

  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to recreate the project but with using React.js and I have the following issue. Whenever I try to fetch the data I get the CORS error. It's really frustrating because on the website there is a vague explanation how to authorize yourself and I tried everything I could think of. If anybody has already come across this problem and has already dealt with it, please let me know.

    const getUser = async (platform, gamertag) =>{

    const data = await fetch(`https://public-api.tracker.gg/v2/apex/standard/profile/${platform}/${gamertag}`, {

    headers :{

    Authorization: {







  5. In the profile route, where does "/api/v1/profile" come from? It's not in the docs and this is the only time you mention it in the video, even the deprecated endpoint omits any mention of the /api directory so I'm struggling to piece this together in my mind.

  6. Great tutorial Brad! Just one thing, the params are passed down as props from vue router, so no need of doing this.$route.params…. you could just do this.props.platform, and you need to declare them in props section in the component. 🙂

  7. THANK YOU!!! i've been wanting to learn vue and node.js – creating a project like this makes me want to LEARN and apply to my own projects moving forward!!! thanks again <3

  8. Brad, please make a course on Vue/Vuex and Vuetify on udemy! there isnt alot of courses on that currently. your the best teacher ive ever come across as far as learning web dev! I will buy your course in a heart beat!

  9. What a great tutorial and what an impressive way of teaching! Well done! May I suggest something I'm struggling to find a good docs or tutorial about it please? Linking and SPA like React or Vue to a CMS like contentful or WP

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