Apex Legends vs Titanfall vs Titanfall 2 Weapons Comparison

Here’s a short comparison of weapons between Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends.
Allof these games are set in the same universe therefore weaponry seems to be the same (or really similar)

This video was brought to you thanks to EA Game Changers program.

P.S. All games were captured on Xbox One X

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34 thoughts on “Apex Legends vs Titanfall vs Titanfall 2 Weapons Comparison

  1. Love how gaming company are so lazy they need to copy over their guns and ideas from their other games that didn't work out well. You wana know the next gun to be released on Apex? Find the gun they don't have on Apex and do have in Titan Fall.

  2. The longbow in TF1 sounds terrible XD. Odd muddied/muffled choice for a sniper. Really most weapons we're like that they must've forgot they left call of duty for the sound design and realized in TF2 they can actually make shit beefy.

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