Apex Legends won't install/download? *More Fixes* PC

How to solve “Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (4294967287)” to play Apex Legends. I had the same issue and this fix worked for me. It works for most people but not all. A compilation of fixes to get Apex Legends installed/downloaded and working! Also possibly a solution to fix the random game crashes.

31 thoughts on “Apex Legends won't install/download? *More Fixes* PC

  1. Bro can’t play because my pc says doesn’t support cookies… but gave me a link but can’t click it…. but the game is downloaded I just can’t play it… it’s only downloaded to orgin

  2. My directx/redist has 137 items while installing and then its gets to about 60% and fails to install. Plenty of space on HDD. Specs run perfectly and no news from EA. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and few times. I let it get to 60 then crash and proceeded to repair the file via origin to no avail. Running a 1000mbps (1gbps) fiber network so should not have any issue there and very limited antivirus ( its my GFs pc so its only windows defender stock with windows 10). Anything else you can offer me? Specs: GPU 2x PNY Titan X, CPU: 2x 2286 Xeon Coffee Lake OC to 5.95ghz, 64g of corsair vengeance DDR4 ram.

  3. so if your covering an issue that isnt what im dealing with. I cant even get past the preparing stage of downloading. AND no one not even EA themselves could help me

  4. im not even getting eny error, my game download regresses back and never completes. i downloaded apex through torrent and added to origin but still it tries to download it again only starting from a random percentage and never completes.

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