Apex's NEW Mode is So Fast Paced! – PS4 Apex Legends – Always Be Closing

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Playing some “Always Be Closing” which is a new mode here on Apex Legends!

Music used:

Run – Ross Bugden:


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37 thoughts on “Apex's NEW Mode is So Fast Paced! – PS4 Apex Legends – Always Be Closing

  1. Dude your videos are actually amazing not just because of your gameplay but because of your personality behind it. I normal don't comment on people YouTube but your channel is gonna thrive soon enough if not already much love.<3

  2. 16:30 u literally grappled & looted while your teammates needed help… yea it was to get u in a better position but then u started firing on a dude that wasn’t even shooting at your teammate? the octane u fired on wasn’t even in the gunfight…watching u okay from 16:10 on… is just excruciating.

  3. I think you would have much better games if you communicate with your teammates by more than just pinging. Especially heat of the moment, honestly ill take an okay gamer that talks instead of a legend that's mute. Even when competing not for fun. Regardless good clutches, i only don't sub because i don't agree with your play-style.

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