Asus Gaming Laptop FX505 Test 2019 | PUBG | Apex Legends | Battlefield V

Is video ke andaar may Asus Gaming Laptop FX505 ka Gaming test karne jaa raha hu. Is laptop may specification diya gaya hay Intel Core i7 8750H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Grapics Card with 6GB GDDR5 VRAM. Toh dekhiye ihape kis tarike ka Gaming Perfermence hame dekhneko milta hay

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1st – Battlefield V
2nd – PUBG
3rd – Apex Legends
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42 thoughts on “Asus Gaming Laptop FX505 Test 2019 | PUBG | Apex Legends | Battlefield V

  1. Even the fucking laptop recommend you to play games while plugged in(charging) and this dude is distroying this laptop from playing those games on high and ultra presets without charging . Next level noob rip laptop ✌️

  2. I have the same specs in my Predator heliios 300
    i7-8750H, GTX 1060 6gb & 16gb RAM but i get significantly higher fps in all the games you tested. Seems like something is not right with this Asus Tuf laptop.

  3. Okay .. I bought this laptop more than a week ago. The games on this video are running with low fps cuz he didn't plug in the charger.
    The only difference between my laptop and his is that i have an i5 8300h. When the laptop is on a charger it runs battlefield 1 between 70-80fps on ultra but my display is only 60hz so the real fps is 60. But it's the same with other games like gta 5 runs between 70-100 fps if everything is at the highest settings in the grapahics settings. but if everithing is at the highest in the graphics and the advanced graphics it only runs between 25-60 fps. the lowest i could get in the benchmark was 25fps, ofcourse v-sync was turned off. But still this laptop is able to run modern games in 1080p Ultra over 60fps, this is a beast belive me, you won't regret buying it.

  4. Should've at least connected the charger… You're playing at low power that's why the FPS are so low on this laptop… Yeah and the laptop isn't that good either

  5. Does anyone have this laptop ( i5/i7 + 1050Ti variant ).? I have read somewhere that 1050Ti variant has bad display with 45 % ntsc while 1060 Ti has better display with 72% ntsc. So does colours are good in display in 1050Ti variant? Please reply, really need help regarding this.

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