Best Console SETTINGS for Apex Legends SEASON 4 Xbox One/PS4! (Perfecting Sensitivity and More!)

In today’s video I’ll be showing you the Best Console SETTINGS for Apex Legends SEASON 4 for Xbox one and Ps4! This video will help in finding the right sensitivity and help you perfect your overall settings. These apex legends console settings for ps4 and xbox one are quite literally the best settings to use for season 4 since I offer a good foundation and explain only the most crucial settings that will have an impact on your gameplay! Apex legends best console settings also means using controller settings thats based on a controller you use and what kind of impacts response curve and dead zones can have! Did you enjoy the video? Consider Subscribing to Join The Champion Squad for more content!


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▶Audio TAB: 16:22


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47 thoughts on “Best Console SETTINGS for Apex Legends SEASON 4 Xbox One/PS4! (Perfecting Sensitivity and More!)

  1. Another great video man, love the editing so simple and clean, just got back into Apex this season after a long break, so this will help me a lot 🙂 ??

  2. I played no vibration for a bit and noticed that theres a slight vibration in my controller when I'm inside a building and an opponent pathfinder setups his zipline to the top of your building… dont know if this is anyone else… feedback?

  3. When it comes to response curve, I'd tell people that if you like high sensitivity, then a steady or fine aim response curve will help you not overshoot targets, and if you play lower sensitivity, high velocity will help you track moving targets better. Classic works for Sultan because he uses a medium sensitivity. Just a tip.

  4. I want to find and hug you bro!!!!

    Almost 7000 matches on steady (because some other dude said too). Ckearly you're an Apex god, in particular your recoil control. I just couldn't imitate it.

    I switched to YOUR settings (steady and small look dead zone) and bro….ive never shot lasers with the R99 like this.


  5. I know you got your own paddle binds but you should try using square for loot pickup. It makes looting so much better. If you use R3 to crouch then your thumb never comes on the stick. Punching isnt a high priority for me. Nice vid

  6. I just copied your settings and they’re good, I can shred kids, but the fov is a problem I recently was using 106 but it felt weird and I moved back to 96 fov and feels way smoother

  7. You can use a layout for your melee and crouch button to be swapped. It’s easier for me (so it’s what I use) I also have 2 paddles and recommend the left one be jump and the right one be whatever in my case it’s O so I can exit menus really fast.

  8. aye i remember playing bo3 ranked against you awhile back, your were a god fr, glad to see your channel is popping man, idk if you added me back but i added you on xbox, my user name is its me lol

  9. I use auto-sprint with Jump on the Left Stick and Crouch on the Right Stick. Gives me entire control of my movement without ever lifting my thumbs off the analog stick unless im swapping armor or picking up loot.. when it comes to walking. Just strafe to walk.. works out really well and nobody believes me when i say to try these settings out but for apex it feels fluid. It definitely gives me a huge advantage with my movement over other players

  10. …you can still lower your dead zone and not get stick drift. There’s a certain minimum dead zone point for every controller where stick drift is eliminated.

    There really is no con to using ALC. You can easily make the default settings in ALC, but it’s meant to make tweaks according to your preference.

    My favorite aspect of ALC is the ability to lower my Response Curve, which increases the sensitivity of my sticks so controlling recoil is much much easier. There is honestly little difference now between a stock R-99 and an R-99 with full purple attachments

    I don’t think Daltoosh knows what he’s talking about

  11. This was almost my exact controls except I’m not using my paddles underneath on my elite for jump and I had mine set to steady aim instead of classic. Not sure I’m ready to relearn controls, been playing with the a button as my jump for years now on shooters.

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