Blackout vs. PUBG: Which is better?

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Karma returns to OpTic’s frontline ahead of Black Ops 4’s launch in October, reuniting with Crimsix and Scump for the first time since the middle of the WWII season. Joining them to complete the five-man roster is TJHaly and Dashy, both touted as two players who can help OpTic CoD fix a season long search and destroy problem |



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36 thoughts on “Blackout vs. PUBG: Which is better?

  1. It's a shame coz pubg could have been so good (THE BEST) but just has a poor dev team that think bringing out new maps will make everything ok well it doesn't it just adds to the list of problems but hey we have a new campaign now called [FIX PUBG] but in reality the game just will not ever be as polished as blackout certainly not on console anyway

  2. Noone trust activision rly? Wtf sellout or what? Cod locks away maps for player who doesnt want to spend 40 more dollars, they are way to money hungry and would earn way more by putting game price to 20-50 dollars

  3. Last COD i played was Advanced Warfare. I would always buy them for it's story. Since then I bought Black Ops 4 and have not been disappointed on PC. The Battle Royal was what PUBG should have been, stable, fast, fun.

  4. Played pubg for a long time. Call of duty came out. Plays black out for a few days. Deletes call of duty, gives game to friend, goes back to pubg. Life is back on track

  5. Uniquely I only started playing PUBG after the blackout beta while waiting for blackout. Tonight I started playing blackout and ….. I prefer PUBG! I dont believe it either but find blackout too fast paced.

  6. I've been a huge COD fan for a while, I've pre-ordered every cod since BO2. Once the Blackout beta came out I was HOOKED. I haven't been that invested in a game for a long long time. After the beta ended I went on to try out fortnite and PUBG, fortnite wasn't bad, I just prefer first person. PUBG was GARBAGE in my opinion, too slow and everything feels unfinished.

    P.S. – Great video

  7. Blackout is simply a fragment of what's to come from AAA publishers, there are more anomalies on the rise with fantastic gameplay, upfront exposure, and light heartedness. Speak with your advisors and you'll see what happens when two competitors come to together. Be prepared to take a beating in clicks, as many will not outgrow or overcome the battle between two entities. Understand what I'm saying and you'll know forever more about what's to be in store for games throughout.

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