Bullying default skins on Fortnite…lol

Fortnite – Bullying and trolling some default skins. Hope you enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments and Fails video. Be sure to subscribe for more Fortnite. i love you all. thnx for watching ❤️

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Thinking About The End
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Prismo – Senses (William Black Remix)
Get Lost – Paul D
Get Hyper – Droideka
MIA – Yala
Botnek I See MONSTAS – Deeper Love (Xan Griffin Remix)

Outro Song: Snails House – I secretly love you

– fe4rless

49 thoughts on “Bullying default skins on Fortnite…lol

  1. I know you're not dead please come back on YouTube we miss you come on please man I look up to you that's why I always play fortnite everybody calls me but but you you are not a butt and I just miss you so much please come back

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