Can Apex Legends Succeed Where PUBG & Blackout Failed?

So many battle royales… so many failures. Respawn’s shooter is off to one HELL of a start, but is the genre doomed to fail? #WCGP #ApexLegends

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21 thoughts on “Can Apex Legends Succeed Where PUBG & Blackout Failed?

  1. I see battle Royale as the new “split screen co-op” type game. Like by yourself it’s like “alright this is cool for a few minutes” then when you get your buddies involved you’re like “this is the best fuckin game ever”

  2. Battle Royales are shooters for people who don't like shooters lol I really don't like shooters but the co-op survival-ish mechanics appeal to me more than hero/arena shooters.
    Then again Zombies was my favorite part of Call of Duty so maybe I just like survival co-op lol

  3. Play Ring of Elysium. Tbh I hate dropping in and three teams drop right on you and you get shafted. Ring before the match it shows the whole map (in a grid) and you can see where everyone is going and you can select whether you want to contest the city/area (people on your team can spawn on your grid spot but enemies can’t so you have a chance to loot) or go to a secluded area to loot to your desire. Also it’s a generic PUBG battle royals but at the end you have to escape via a helicopter with 4 spots so if one person gets on the whole team wins.

  4. Such a click bait . As much as I hate pubg and the quality of it and the fact that it's a potato but at one point it was so popular so I wouldn't call it a fail and people still play it and at least pubg gives the players new weapons and maps unlike my favourite BR black out

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