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21 thoughts on “CHEATER GETS BANNED! // PUBG Xbox One Gameplay

  1. They really need to get rid of the grandes in this game or make the really rare to come by cuz that’s all people do now is use and hoard them. Throw some shit lucky grandes. No skill

  2. @thebeardguys can you please warn people on xbox named: IG PUBGMODZ. I was in a lobby yesterday with him and he is using lag switches to win every game and get a lot of kills. Hes got 32 GP and 28 wins and 150 kills. He hits the switch as soon as he sees people and gets the kill because the other people lag and he doesnt.

  3. I played on the PTS server this weekend, solos. Crossed the bridge and was killed by 7 people teaming. I reported it. Next day, killed by 3 or 4, and recognized some of the same guys. One guys name is 'stillgonnateam'. his profile pic is a snapshot of a reinstatement of his ban.
    This is why you can only get a game with 30-40 people on the test servers.

  4. Shit I do solos with my friend but we don't team we dont communicate we just play it out and see if we can be the last 2 alive and pan it out at the end it's only happened twice

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