Cheating exposed – PUBG (XBOX ONE)

Solo game against two people teaming in solo. I naming and shame some cheats.

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  1. I run into this a good bit as well. Solo is solo and yes it is cheating. If they want to do a duo, then go do a duo. It is not like the game does not offer a duo game play. My bet is they tried the duo and got lit up like a Christmas tree.

    The bottom line on why people do this is they suck at the game play and they are too immature to handle the losing.

  2. ofcourse its cheating and so it M&K.. if you wanna compete then compete on equal terms that goes without saying if you got any kind of integrity – but we all different and some doesn't have those morals many of us take for granted and I have also come by people that simply thinks that cheating and stealing is the norm and there can be numerous reason for that.. I got Muslims friend that thinks they simply have too as they sadly value some religious scripts that dictates people into A & B factors like righteous and infidels and its a Muslim duty to undermine an socalled infidel society.. sure its sad. such beliefs and then there come from regions where cheating and stealing and being corrupt is as normal as taking a breath of air amnd its difficult to blame if you are grown up in an enviroment or region where corruption are the norm.. so sure we all different and got different morals —

  3. To clear up some confusion in this comment section: Aimbots, wall hacks, and other traditional "hacks" (cheats) you'd obtain on PC or last gen consoles are NOT possible on Current Gen consoles on ANY game. HOWEVER, that being said PUBG is an exception because of how long it was in early access. Some communities have been releasing packet sniffers that cheaters can purchase for monthly fees and connect to xboxlive via a bridged connection through their laptop with a vpn provided by the host that displays a radar on another device which shows enemy locations and weapon locations and names in real time with an interactive map.

  4. One time i thought people where teaming, turn out i was solo squading. One time i had friends playing so just to get a quick game in a jumped in a solo squad. Well turned out i ended up joining the same game as them. Even though i was talking with them i still got cut down by one of my friends. The issue is non team members dont show up on mini. Making talking and location the only way to id someone. So from my experience teaming with random in solo is just to difficult.

  5. Hey, I know a dude who sells Radar for Xbox One, people definitely cheat on xbox. I use it occasionally so shame on me, but I mainly only use it for finding all the loot.

    People may cheat, but the cheat can't help our combat skills lol. People still kick my ass even when I know where they are ahead of time LOL

  6. I hope you guys realize that at least half of the top 10 leaderboards players are using wall hack loot hacks and radar hacks. So yeah goes to show you how legit the leaderboards are. Not even exaggerating this is 100% true. Dudes straight up told me “if youre so good you should be able to kill us anyways” like these guys actually think what they are doing is acceptable it’s absolutely fucked

  7. Booster grouping is cheating and they do it on all Xbox games to boost leaderboards , KDR , WLR. MS and BlueHole isn't stopping it be cause they cant. Also recoil hack on PUBG as well so I laugh when ppl say there is no way to cheat on console lol. I have seen 10 squads working together at one point so its bad and its not going to stop it will only get worse.

  8. This isn't cheating tools, it is cheating but it isn't 'tools' you had me under the impression you had a number of cheats to show, you didnt show anything other than stating the obvious, you wouldn't of had my view if I knew it was a teaming win, false advertising

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