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FAQ 1 – “PC Specs?”
A: Full Spec List:

FAQ 2 – What do you use to record?
A: Shadowplay/OBS

FAQ 3 – “Why is your game in a different language?”
A: I put certain games, primarily CoDs, in different languages because I think it’s cool. That’s literally it lol

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28 thoughts on “COD NERD PLAYS APEX LEGENDS! | PC Gameplay

  1. Best BR to date, I do think people sponge a lot of bullets but at the same time you are rewarded for having good aim and shooting people in the upper body does a lot more damage, so I think it's fair, only things I think that could improve the game is a way to actually check your stats, and the loot distributions is a bit funky, enough weapons but not enough in every location, and maybe make a new map every month or so, playing the same map will get boring pretty quick

  2. I'm having all the same issues as you. Learning all the tedious battle Royale basics. Like looting super efficiently so you don't fall behind aswell as keep your awareness peaked. It's just too much to get used to. And I always run out of ammo after 1-2 kills and if they don't have the ammo i need i rage bc what's the point

  3. You we should run some games together, I can teach a few tips and things about this game your aim and movement is amazing and I think you would enjoy this game if we did late game and wins, anyways love the vids keep it up

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