Destroying My Brothers PlayStation 4 Over Fortnite (Rage)

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Destroying My Brothers PlayStation 4 Over Fortnite (Rage)

In this video my little 9 year old brother gave me a fortnite challenge. If I get a victory royale I get 10,000 V Bucks. It was going so well to the point where I think i might be better than ninja or TSM myth at fortnite and my brother decided to ruin it all last minute causing me to rage.. Did I Overreact?

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45 thoughts on “Destroying My Brothers PlayStation 4 Over Fortnite (Rage)

  1. I say Kenny's fault because he could have gotten v bucks anyways! And did extra v bucks instead of breaking playstation. Plus wasn't Kenny the one with a baseball bat and a hammer and throwing it and stepping on the playstation? I saw Kenny do that not wisdom. And I'm guessing everyone is saying its wisdoms fault because there fans of king kenny. And dont hate it's my opinion.

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