DON'T BELIEVE HAMMOND – The Secret Plot Hiding Behind Forge's Sponsor in Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Lore – DON’T BELIEVE HAMMOND – The Secret Plot Hiding Behind Forge’s Sponsor in Apex Legends Season 4. Assimilation. If you want to know more about the Apex Legends story, watch this video.

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24 thoughts on “DON'T BELIEVE HAMMOND – The Secret Plot Hiding Behind Forge's Sponsor in Apex Legends Season 4

  1. Spooky thought: Hammond Robotics is making these robotic replacements for legends (which some players have obtained) and begin a special event in the games based on learning (set loot spots and preferred weapon spots), and adapting (the daily zone and ship movements), and eventually going to other planets like King's Canyon, all the while learning to kill better. The System Override part actually takes place near the end where it pits the real legends against their robotic counter parts in a 50 v 50 ground war ?

  2. This whole thing after seeing your video makes me think.. why would they test the dummies? they were actually promoting to use that game mode, and as you said this could be a feed for AI from Hammond, but just like we do right now with our current technology, AI are like kids you need to teach them so what if we now can get Simulacrums to fill teammates and or complete squads, I feel like that won't be bad but still for me not really something that could drive me crazy. I am still waiting for an event more Titanfall style, how about introducing a generic big boss, fight all squads to earn the opportunity to fight the final boss and get a reward or fight leviathans or the flyers or even teamup with a whole bunch of squads for a bigger event kind of what happened with the Halloween special.

  3. I think that it's setting a flawless stage for Titanfall 3. I think that Titanfall 3 on Unreal 4 with Apex built in as a "simulacrum" experience is a power move

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