EA's Huge Chaos – Admits Battlefield Trouble, Anthem/BioWare Collapses & Apex Legends Slams Gamers!

★ EA faces disaster after BioWare’s Anthem & Dragon Age 4 lose lead devs, Battlefield V continues struggling & Apex Legends falls apart! ★
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45 thoughts on “EA's Huge Chaos – Admits Battlefield Trouble, Anthem/BioWare Collapses & Apex Legends Slams Gamers!

  1. I actually dont see the problem with the loot boxes in apex. Dont get me wrong, i think loot boxes are the greediest and scumiest way to get money but respawns loot boxes are only cosmetic(as ive seen anyway). Can someone tell me the problem with it because i cant see any other way for them to get money.

  2. yeah. think you might have the wrong way of looking at cod. they ran out of imagination black ops 2 was the last playable cod. since then cod has been taking things from other games cus they knew they were failing at making their own. they ran out of imagination and made battlefield this year cus they thought they could do it better than dice and they cant

  3. Anthem is the child that never succeeded cause his dad EA and his mom BioWare never cared about him. Poor kid I wish BioWare never married EA but you know she’s a fucking gold digger so what do you expect.

  4. One day, i asked someone i know who works at ubisoft if he would do like EA or EPIC if he was in charge, since it seems to work. He asked me a question, "what would be my job and rank ? Marketing, or senior executive?" I asked him his answer for both.
    That was roughly his answer, as i remember it:

    "As marketingsales , definitively, because in marketing, you just have to sell an idea to your boss to justify your salary and diffuse the pressure. He is the target, not the consumers. Everything else is secondary. If he accepts, mission accomplished, the responsibility is now on him, and you get to feed your kids, and keep your job.

    As a senior executive, no fucking way, because if the long term strategy is wrong, you will be the one to pay the price. Sadly, Marketingsales people are way more talented at convincing whoever feed from the corporations, with fancy graphics and short term numbers. Shareholders and most board members are not there to build, and they will be the first to sell and dismantle stuff if it serves their immediate interests, that's why at ubisoft, one family holds the company tightly."

    I might not have transcribed or translated the technical points properly, because it was a casual exchange made in french.

  5. And That is y studios should publish their own games like Ubi dey not the best but dey not the worse either just wish dey redid r6 with a new engine

  6. keep telling peeps only 3-4 years till they collapse… that was last year…2-3 years from now this company will evaporate..

    EA's spokesmen is a greedy.. all he thinks about is money…those are the first words in his mouth with every speech, money…investors…and then last he talks to the public(aka the dying list of fans)…ass backwards…

    fans first, you tell those old fat fook investors to wait their turn…the fans is where the money comes from… investors just supply a backing, they do not give money…otherwise.. why the hell would they invest..

    E: i give you 1 million.. at the end of the year. i want 1.1 million back….literally taking their money..when you buy their games, and DLC, you are paying the investor back.. not the company…hence the loot boxes….

    you can already see the drop in game quality, as there isn't enough funding to research new tech, new scripts, codes, layering…etc…

    if they turned around right now and bought out all their investors..and came clean and said yo.. we need help, and went to the wrong people..we are sorry..please dont let us die… i imagine gamers would ban together and save this franchise..and get them back on track..

  7. Ive loved battlefield more than cod ever since i first played it but seeing it going downhill like this is just sad and i might just play the new cod since they changed the gunplay

  8. A bad monetization system in a free to play game would be making the grind to advance in the game IMPOSSIBLE without paying. Apex's monetization is completely voluntary. If you dont want legendary skins then JUST USE VANILLA SKINS, I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL STILL HAVE FUN. For the love of god let respawn entertainment make money and pay developers,its sickening that the gaming community is disgusting towards developers. You either not pay anything or maybe u say "hey i like respawn entertainment" ill throw em a couple bucks to keep making badass content that i love. STOP BEING IGNORANT PEOPLE

  9. You are being naive and ignorant if you think respawn shouldnt be monetizing apex legends… The game is literally free. You can play 24/7 for FREE. How do you expect respawn entertainment employees be paid if there is no way for revenue to flow into the company through micro transactions? Those people have to be paid and feed their family, its not greed.. you dont HAVE to buy it. You dont HAVE to have legendaries.

  10. I have zero issues with the pricing of apex legends cosmetic items. I’ll never understand why people piss and moan about micro transactions for cosmetic items in free games. Cool things cost money, that’s how the world works. Support the game or enjoy the free ride.

    From a financial perspective, I’m sure they would make more money selling larger volumes at cheaper prices, but that’s their decision.

  11. cant ea and ubisoft just go down and let other studios form and build games and contest with eachother without these giant money hungry companies existing? they are milking all studios AND gamers dry

  12. I wasted 80$ buying anthem.. it’s a piece of shit. So boring I did the campaign, once your done it’s so dull there is nothing to do but the same old side quests. Where the hell is the DLCS AND EXPANSIONS

  13. I'm okay with all micro transactions as long as they are cosmetic only, we cant get angry at them for making money on things that dont change gameplay.

  14. EA needs to go extinct and all their IPs should be sold to other studios. It would be good for the industry at this point to remind everyone in it that it's a business ultimately and it exists to provide entertainment to people and there are drastic consequences for kicking ethics to the curb.

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