FIFA 18 on 4GB RAM | Gameplay Tested

Watch: “VAMPYR – i3 6098p – GTX 750 Ti – 8GB RAM – 900p – Benchmark”
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PC & Software Specifications:-
Processor:- Intel Core i3 6098p 3.6 Ghz 6th Generation
Graphic Card:- NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti 2GB
RAM:- 4GB DDR4 2133 Mhz
Softwares used: MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner Statistics (for monitoring FPS, RAM Usage, Temperatures etc.)
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit (Ultimate SP1)
Note: Monitoring of all statistics is done without any overclocking of hardware.
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24 thoughts on “FIFA 18 on 4GB RAM | Gameplay Tested

  1. Hey bro .. I have this FIFA 18 but it's not running .. it's not even back screen problem .. I have core i3 , 4 GB ram and 2 gb just show that loading sign . Then nothing appear .. .. please help me

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