FIFA 19 Demo Trailer – Your Season Starts Now | PS4

Here. We. Go. Your season starts now with the FIFA 19 demo, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Download now:

Experience the UEFA Champions League in the revamped Kick-Off mode with 10 of the biggest clubs in the world, and get a sneak peek at the final chapter in Alex Hunter’s story in The Journey: Champions ahead of the official worldwide launch of FIFA 19 on September 28.

Pre-order the Champions Edition and get three days early access to FIFA 19:

32 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Demo Trailer – Your Season Starts Now | PS4

  1. Great presentation but I still prefer the feel on the ball in fifa 17. The ball feels more like a real football in fifa 17 to me. I would like to buy the game but most of the time is spent passing the ball and if that doesn't feel right, if it doesn't feel satisfying to score goals – then I'm not having fun. Does anybody feel like I do?

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