FIFA 19 FC Barcelona review – Best formation, Best tactics and instructions

FIFA 19 FC Barcelona review – Best formation, Best tactics and instructions

Please enjoy the video and hopefully its helps you the become a better FIFA player. In this video i show you the best way to play with FC Barcelona in my oppinion. I show you the best formation, line-up, tactics and instructions. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channek! Feel free to let me know what you think about it in the comments.

24 thoughts on “FIFA 19 FC Barcelona review – Best formation, Best tactics and instructions

  1. This is 4-1-2-1-2 i think , well it is not a bad formation it differs a lot with my formation (4-2-3-1) but if you don't mind may i suggest you to change rakitic and play with arthur instead because he can really builf a fast attack.. and you should use dembele it is also a wonderful player

  2. i play this tactic with villareal in first season it was amazing i finished 3rd an win europa league but in second season i just cant win a single match same in other teams in second season anybody know what can be the problem?

  3. Fifa 18 your tactic is very successful but fifa 19 tactis’s defance is very low. Pique and umtite are winger. Center is empty. I always win my friend your fifa 18 tactic but now i dont win fifa 19 tactic. I think you will add new video about barcelona. Please , thank you

  4. Bro, I like your content. Just got the game last week and must say it's been tough. I personally don't like the game that much, I feel the attacking is overpowered as well as the crosses. The defensive part of the game isn't that great imo. I'm not that great at defending, attacking is my biggest asset. The same guys I used maul in 18 are now scoring me easily in 19. Tried using different formations like 442, 4231, 433 false 9, none of them did the job while in previous fifas they worked like magic. 4231 is a personal favourite as it brings very good balance but not this time. I tried a more offensive formation in 3412 with Real Madrid and it did great but still leaves spaces behind. Defending has become tough. I have been playing the 433 attack with Messi as the CAM and coutinho wide and I just felt something isn't right. Coutinho wasn't working there and I happened to watch this video. I also prefer Vidal over rakitic i feel rakitic makes a bigger impact of the bench in this game. I benched sergio cause of his pace and played rakitic but left too many spaces behind. I did that cause of the pace my opponents team had with the likes of mbappe and Neymar and got absolutely destroyed. Bringing in sergio made a big difference. My biggest problem is still to decide the centrbacks. I can't cope with pique for some reason. I can't explain enough but I feel lenglet is better in game. With umtiti as the rcb is how I have been playing last 2 days. Still testing the game I will definetly try this technique of yours. Tell me what you think about Lenglet vs Pique during the actual game. GREAT VIDEO. THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING REALLY NEEDED THIS.??
    Also for tactics I play drop back during defending and possession for attacking or quick build up. I like quick build up but still deciding.

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