FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup November Grand Final JoksanRedona vs F2Tekkz

The first FIFA 19 Global Series event of the year, the EA FUT Champions Cup November in Bucharest.
The first of six FUT Champions Cups* is set to kick off in Bucharest, Romania on November 30 to December 2, marking the first FIFA 19 Global Series major event of the year.
FUT Champions players competed in an online qualifier tournament on October 20th and 21st to determine who earned their place at the EA FUT Champions Cup. A total of 64 competitors (32 each from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) will battle for three days for a chance to become the first EA FUT Champions Cup winner of the season, to earn up to 1,500 Global Series Points and the $50,000 USD top cash prize. #FIFAeWorldCup

47 thoughts on “FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup November Grand Final JoksanRedona vs F2Tekkz

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  3. They play well. But not that well to enroll in a tournament ffs. I consider myself an average player and they play nearly with same tactics as me. The kids at playstation cafes would beat these guys so easily ffs. Is this a tournament where you can pay to enroll or what? This is no talent

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