FIFA 19 Gameplay – This Time It's Personal

We’ve got our mitts on FIFA 19 early – but why should we have all the fun? Watch as Rob and Nath see what the latest edition has to offer, whilst probably arguing quite a lot. Sounds like fun, right?

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41 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Gameplay – This Time It's Personal

  1. PLEASE can someone show me how to set up a "Frigging" friendly game with me and my kid NOT online. Just a one on one friendly??? my kids controller just wont show up??

  2. I've recently gotten into football (or "soccer" as we call it) by following MLS this year. I may have to pick this up so I can play as the Seattle Sounders getting destroyed by probably half the clubs in Europe.

  3. lol where is cyberpunk 2020? COuld have streamed for longer than 1 hour dont bother next time if its 1 hour plus who cares about a table top game when this is PLAYSTATION

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