FIFA 19 Graphics Comparison (PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch)

So for the second year in a row, we’ve got a FIFA game on Nintendo Switch, but it still not running on EA’s renowned Frostbite engine. Is the Switch version vastly inferior to that of PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of visuals? Watch this video to find out!

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27 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Graphics Comparison (PS4 Pro vs Nintendo Switch)

  1. Graphics always win home console, but they can't be portable, switch can play everywhere,you dont think to carry more controller because 1 controller can be split, u can killing time everywhere alone or with your friend

  2. Well FIFA never had great graphics. But PS4 Pro Version in comparison to switch looks really shitty wich is a big + for the switch version.
    Nontheless the normal PS4 would have been a fairer comparison. Or PS3 version(if there is one), since the switch is pretty much PS3 graphics.

    SWITCH still look good the problem is the graphics is more like ps3 & xbox 360 7th generation , the EA Sports developer not make the graphics look realistic like xbox one x & ps4 pro but is still not a bad graphics the developer have to make more work

  4. both versions look great. but id rather get it for PC which looks even better than all other versions and get the Switch version to play outside with those graphics in 720p on the go? its just perfect. There is no reason to even get a ps4 lol

  5. Well it certainly seems EA put in more effort with the Switch version this year, considering how much better it looks, plays and amount of content in it compared to Fifa 18 Switch.
    The Switch version is like the middle ground version of the game, obviously better than the legacy edition, but not on par with the main console/PC version.

  6. I just like Nintendo switch because you might say PS4 is better but IS PS4 SMALL AND PORTABLE? No, so stop hating on nintendo,pause the video,go buy fifa 19 on GameStop and play it on Nintendo you might like it

  7. graphics are good enough for the switch. Its the lack of fut game modes that kills it for me. Theres no excuses not to add fut champs, squad battles and rival divisions on the switch version.

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