FIFA 19 vs FIFA 18 Gameplay Comparison (Xbox One, PC, PS4)

FIFA 18 vs FIFA 19 Gameplay and Graphics Comparison
What do you think about new FIFA 19 Gameplay and Graphics? (Xbox One, PC, PS4)
What is better FIFA 19 or FIFA 18? Let me know!
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PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 Graphics and Gameplay Comparison:

PES 2019 Amazing Realism 4K 60 FPS:

FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Penalty Kicks:

FIFA 19 Official Player Ratings:

PES 2019 4K 60 FPS Gameplay Barcelona vs Liverpool

FUT Champions Rage Quit:

FUT Champions Grand Final:

Bayern Munich Players play FIFA 17:

35 thoughts on “FIFA 19 vs FIFA 18 Gameplay Comparison (Xbox One, PC, PS4)

  1. FIFA 18: Better grass & FIFA World Cup (fucking Croatia too, thank God)
    FIFA 19: Champions' League and maybe some crowd flag waving
    Otherwise the same.

    EA money loving assholes should release FIFA every 3 years because all of the additions could literally be implemented through updates. Never nothing revolutionary or flashy.
    Quality over quantity.

  2. They could have waited a little longer and launched the fifa 2019, but the only thing that matters to them is to sell for that reason they release versions with tiny differences.

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