FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Gameplay Comparison

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PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 Graphics and Gameplay Comparison
What do you think about new PES 19 and FIFA 19 Gameplay and Graphics? (Xbox One, PC, PS4)
What is better FIFA 19 or PES 19? Let me know!
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PES 2019 Legends vs Argentina:

PES 2019 Barcelona vs Liverpool:

PES 2019 Player Faces:

PES 2019 Demo Gameplay France vs PES Legends:

FIFA 18 Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich:

FIFA 18 Man Utd vs Chelsea:

FIFA 18 PSG vs Juventus:

More FIFA 18 Gameplay:

PES 2018 Gameplay 4K 60 FPS:

PES 2018 Barcelona vs Borussia Dortmund:

FIFA 19 Champions League:

FUT Champions Rage Quit:

FUT Champions Grand Final:

Bayern Munich Players play FIFA 17:

39 thoughts on “FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Gameplay Comparison

  1. Fifa fan : i think PES win this year

    FYI FIFA not even close to PES..since GOAL STORM *PES grandpa lol out..until now.. 2 decade… almost 20 years fifa only works on graphics..entrance etc.. no comparison for gameplay..with PES..pardon my english

  2. Since FIFA 12 it seems that FIFA is away closer to real soccer experience than PES trough years !!! The only two thing that I like in PES more than in FIFA is ball physics realism and stadium visual ( realistic ) dimensions , pitch and camera in gameplay !!!

  3. EA are forcing people to buy fifa with the licensing. Imagine if the licenses could be used by anyone. We would have actual competition in football games but no! The licenses have to be exclusive to the worst possible company. Ffs man! Doesn't it just piss you off? Imagine how awesome things could have been but instead we get this shit. This license shit needs to end.

  4. I regret buying fifa19. Gameplay sucks big time, scoring has become a tad bit annoying with ball flying here and there even with the trainer arrow on target. Man they make eveything so much annoying not hard but just annoying gameplay

  5. PES looks like it delivers a better overall experience – i like the energy bar for kicks, would see this as harder to control but more rewarding to master.
    FIFA looks like they have better character detail, perhaps other small details as well, but PES wins in most other regards.

    (don't even really play these games, just looking for games to play with friends)

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