FIFA 20 4K 60 FPS Amazing Realism LIVE Broadcast Camera Liverpool vs Chelsea

#FIFA 20 #PES2020
FIFA 20 Champions League Chelsea vs Liverpool AMAZING REAL LIFE Details
What is better FIFA 20 or PES 2020? Let me know!

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FIFA 20 Gameplay:

PES 2020 4K 60 FPS Ultra HD Gameplay:

PES 2020 Full HD 60 FPS Barcelona vs PES Legends:

PES 2020 FULL HD 60 FPS PES 2020 Palmeiras vs Flamengo:

PES 2020 Amazing Realism Real Life Broadcast Camera FULL HD:

31 thoughts on “FIFA 20 4K 60 FPS Amazing Realism LIVE Broadcast Camera Liverpool vs Chelsea

  1. those people saying that this is shit. probably cuz of how he video taped it, try and play fifa for once, I've played pes, shit just become a legend, master league and myclub, but fifa has volta/hunter, exhibition with many categories, female exhibition, female career mode, female cup, full licence etc. "what does pes have that fifa FIFA doesn't have more" if you want to argue with me let's go.

  2. Goddamn EA sports are so lazy to master ps4 and xbox one engine. FIre these men lol they're embarrassing themselves! Don't tell me they can do something better in 2019 with only 6 years old hardware?! It's crazy…

  3. FIFA = Quickie when your parents leave the house for the night
    PES = Full session with the music on getting all sweaty lasting through till morning while your parents are away for the weekend! Propper sex!

  4. Gameplay sucks! this is the reason I buy a football game! GAME PLAY! You know the actual bit where you control the players and try and score? The main part of football! All you mugs saying graphics are much better obv do not have a clue what a decent game should consist of!

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