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?Today we compare FIFA 20 Career Mode with PES 2020 Master League. I discuss the features for both game modes and i give you my recommendation on which game to buy.

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Things We Want in FIFA 20:

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Things That Don’t Make Sense In FIFA 19 Career Mode:

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist:

FIFA History:

FIFA 19 Career Mode Is Broken:

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FIFA 20 Confirmed Information + Rumours:

Things You Didn’t know about in FIFA 19 Career Mode:

New Features We Want In FIFA 20:

Things That Don’t Make Sense In FIFA 19 Career Mode:


Removed Career Mode Features We Want Back In FIFA 20

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38 thoughts on “FIFA 20 CAREER MODE vs PES 20 MASTER LEAGUE

  1. I am not going comment on PES 2020 because I didn't play it, but I played Fifa 20 several career seasons and it seems like all problems with that career mode are completely skipped in above video… Basically anyone who played Fifa 20 career mode knows that this mode in Fifa is unplayable and completely broken…What is even more annoying is that EA refused to fix anything because they know what kind of community of players play their game… Those idiots are going to buy game next year regardless of its quality anyway….

  2. Can you let the AI play for you on PES master league? I wanted a manager game that I didn't have to play, which to me is the whole point of management…Very disappointed Fifa didn't offer this.

  3. i don't want to play with some generated bullshit cartoon characters 😀
    Recycling existing players is awesome….getting your favourite player as 16yo youngster and train him to be best player in the world
    THE…BEST…..way 🙂

  4. This is just an extremely bad video. You are not even sure about the features you mention for PES, you just assume based on your knowledge while not having a clue at all. Why not wait until the releases if you dont have the game yet and make a comparison then. Simply bad content, dislike.

  5. How the hell can you make ANOTHER video talking about the same stuff you have talked about for the past month or so! No wonder no one subscribes, you're just talking about the same sh*t every time and calling it a new video. You should go work for EA, they can get tips on how to produce the same crap time after time and call it new.

  6. Does FIFA STILL HAVE THE SAME UNREALISTIC TRANSFERS. Just moved from Bayern to city and I couldn't sign gnabry because I had blocked his transfer. ONLY TO PLAY AGAISNT EVERTON LATER ON AND SEE HIM AND SANCHO at everton. As well as Kimpempe

  7. I’ve always been fifa played pes demo couple nights ago still don’t know which one I’m gonna get I felt like pes lineup changes and subs the screens just felt so cheaply made, I still don’t know what to do lol

  8. Vapex, what I hope that also will be in FIFA is that you can see how big the chance is that you will sign a player. I hope you can't actually buy everyone. And the dynamic player potentials in FIFA are only for the players in your own squad, which is very sad. I think MastersBucks, you countryman said that.

  9. To be fair to FIFA when they lost Juventus it looked like they were down and out, but they have recovered it a bit. The career mode changes aren't amazing but its a start and at least shows that EA are finally willing to improve career mode. Bundesliga Stadiums are also looking good (shame they left out Union Berlin, Freiburg and Paderborn though, and the newly promoted La Liga teams, they could surely include them in a patch at xmas time if they were bothered)

    I think I'll buy FIFA when its cheap at xmas time but depending on the price would also consider PES for the first time

  10. 1. You keep uploading similar videos and it's getting boring to watch

    2. You are obviously a FIFA fan as you didn't mention that PES does have player talk cut scenes and yes it does affect morale

    3. You are biased with FIFA because you only mentioned topics in where FIFA tops off like licensing and stadiums

    4. Both are good games but stop being biased and stop with the repetitive content bullshit it's boring and I feel like I waste my time

  11. Reborns are the worst of Master league. Now if I see reborns in a new Pes I reject the game. Too many years of this. I bought Pes since 2005 till 2018… its enough. Really tired they dont do a good youth academy. I dont like to see retired old players young again.

  12. You are not a youtuber, you are a fifa advertiser. Big difference. 🙂
    Funny, when you already have nothing to say, but you have to make a video, you make the same video again. If im not wrong, you have already made a video about fifa or pes, have'nt you?

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