FIFA 20 vs. PES 2020: Skill Moves | 4K

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A comparison of all shared Skill Moves between FIFA 20 and eFootball PES 2020.
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FIFA 20 vs. PES 2020

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FIFA 20 vs. PES 2020 Skill Moves

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Skill moves compared in this video:
1. Body Feint
2. Step Over
3. Reverse Step Over
4. Ball Roll
5. Body Feint Exit
6. Scissors Feint
7. Open Up Fake Shot
8. Drag Back
9. Dummy Drag Back
10. Draw & Open
11. Heel Flick
12. Roulette
13. Spin
14. 1 Foot Spin
15. 3 Touch Roulette
16. McGeady Spin
17. Lateral Heel To Heel
18. Ronaldo Chop
19. La Croqueta
20. Feint & Exit
21. Elastico
22. Reverse Elastico
23. Hocus Pocus
24. Ronaldo Fenomeno
25. Ball Roll Chop
26. Neymar Step Over
27. Rainbow Flick
28. Neymar Rainbow Flick
29. Rabona Fake
30. Rabona
31. Bridge
32. Fake Shot
33. Fake Shot Stop
34. Cruyff Turn
35. Dummy Fake Shot
36. Flick Up
37. Sombrero Flick
38. Sombrero Heel Flick
39. Chest Flick
40. Ball Juggle
41. Running Juggle
42. Crescent Turn
43. Strafe Dribbling
44. Step Up Touch
45. Dummy Legs
46. Foot Feints
Players/Skillers used in this video:

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Juventus)
Neymar Jr. (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain)
Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)
Kylian Mbappe (France, Paris Saint-Germain)
Eden Hazard (Belgium, Real Madrid)
Paul Pogba (France, Manchester United)
Philippe Coutinho (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
Romelu Lukaku (Belgium, Inter)
Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium, Manchester City)
Gareth Bale (Wales, Real Madrid)
Douglas Costa (Brazil, Juventus)
Angel Di Maria (Argentina, Paris Saint-Germain)
Robert Lewandowski (Poland, FC Bayern Munich)
Tammy Abraham (England, Chelsea FC)
Antoine Griezmann (France, FC Barcelona)
Sergio Aguero (Argentina, Manchester City)
Gabriel Jesus (Brazil, Manchester City)
Intro music:
“The Duel”
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Music used:
“Music The Best 3” by Justin Seven
Music from Soundcloud
Music provided by RFM:

Outro music:
“Modal Revisit”
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22 thoughts on “FIFA 20 vs. PES 2020: Skill Moves | 4K

  1. I don’t hate PES but the game isn’t that good like FIFA but FIFA doesn’t have that good player graphics like look at Messi in PES and look at him in FIFA

  2. This is like Messi vs Ronaldo, one is clearly better but people still refuse to see.

    Pes 20 gameplay,graphics and movement are better than fifa 20

  3. The pitch is ours. We're the PES supporters and players. It's enough that PES realistic and makes you live the moment. I can stop playing PES because it's always let you feel that you inside real match while Fifa is just fake!

  4. Very Big difference I notice is Fifa players' faces are watching flies pass by while Pes players' faces are focused on the ball and their movements(they react in the moment, according to each situation). For Fifa it's like they copy pasted an idle face on top of a very active dribbling body, it looks disconnected. Check it out for yourself, now that I've said it, it will be even more obvious.

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