FIFA evolution [1994 – 2019]

The evolution of FIFA games from FIFA 94, released in 1993 on Playstation to FIFA 19 released in 2018 on PS4/XBOX ONE.

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  2. My ratings :
    1.FIFA 16
    2.FIFA 15
    3.FIFA 19
    4.FIFA 13
    5.FIFA 14
    My opinions :

    Until FIFA 12 , it was awful , PES was leading game !!!! FIFA 12 was something new , had good career mod and transfer market , but graphically awful , gameplay was like fast and furious , commentary was so funny , goal celebrations was damn bad ! FIFA 13 was graphically much improved FIFA 12 game , beautiful menu , better career , better gameplay , looked better than FIFA 14 with amazing colors , gameplay still was too fast for an soccer game , commentary same as FIFA 12 , goal celebrations same ! FIFA 14 is first with a different menu , amazing career , but graphically worse than FIFA 13 , pitch was awful , maybe the worst in FIFA history , gameplay was hard and worse than in FIFA 13 , but FIFA 14 with moddingway mods was really good and still is ( must have if you love FIFA games ) ! FIFA 15 was a graphic revolution in FIFA history , menu was awful and laggy , and "kick of" menu players before match were somehow weird , too thiny , graphically alongside FIFA 16 still the best FIFA game overall ( player faces most realistic without any mods ! ) gameplay was amazing , and commentary was the best ! FIFA 16 , what to say , the best FIFA game yet in my opinion , the perfect one , especially with moddingway mods !!! FIFA 17 was something I tried because of Alex Hunter career , but after a short time I uninstalled it forever , one of the worst FIFA games !!! FIFA 18 looks like fixed FIFA 17 in many things , and for Ultimate team is still good , but graphically much worse than FIFA 16 , gameplay is awful , just a little better than FIFA 17 !!! FIFA 19 is the best in FIFA frostbite engine series , the best for Ultimate team and new seasons with all best world players realism , graphically amazing looking game !!!!

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