FLYING Through SEASON 4 Ranked! – High Kill Gameplay (Apex Legends)

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how did you make it down here… did you sub yet? k cool thanks. love you

28 thoughts on “FLYING Through SEASON 4 Ranked! – High Kill Gameplay (Apex Legends)

  1. I am not sure if its due to you playing on PS4 vs playing on Xbox. It could just be the fact that you have a really good connection. Your movement is crisp. No Legg, none of the issues that I experience day to day playing on Xbox with Comcast as a provider. I keep having red boxes at the top of my screen.

  2. So I better not get a bunch of likes cause apex players are ass… I wish that my team mates can do at least 500 damage while I'm over here carrying with 3200 damage using wattson not even new guy smh and when I go down I just put down my controller cause I know my team wont clutch

  3. I genuinely wanna know what you think of these third parties? They happen out of nowhere and so often, it has honestly made me dislike the game a lot and I’m a huge fan. Would appreciate your view on this.

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