Fortnite Bloom Explained | What is Bloom? | How to reduce Bloom in Fortnite | Dowsey's Fortnite Tips

Fortnite bloom can be a problem. What is bloom? This is Fortnite bloom explained so you can improve your aim in Fortnite

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34 thoughts on “Fortnite Bloom Explained | What is Bloom? | How to reduce Bloom in Fortnite | Dowsey's Fortnite Tips

  1. I was always wandering wondering why my spray fkn wont hit eventhough my crosshair is dead center in his fkn forehead, This is such a shit mechanic wtf even shooting requires luck now what's next movement??

  2. Your the worst YouTuber in the world I feel disgusted even listening to the the sound of your voice thank you for ruining my day you bastard?!

  3. Dowsey

    Ok wait, I have ppl totally beat me all time NOT doing the 4 rules you say u should do. They hipfire, they jump and fire, dont stand still and hold the trigger and still win.

  4. The thing is Fortnite is not an FPS, ppl keep expecting it play like one. This is why I like FPS games better than 3rd person, the aiming is so much better. And they need to make different reticle styles and colors in Fortnite so the player can customize a bit.

  5. bloom1
    a flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty.
    "an exotic bloom"
    synonyms: flower, blossom, floweret; More
    a delicate powdery surface deposit on certain fresh fruits, leaves, or stems.
    "the bloom on a plum"
    produce flowers; be in flower.
    "a chalk pit where cowslips bloomed"
    synonyms: blossom, flower, be in blossom/flower, come into flower/blossom, open, open out, bud, sprout, burgeon, mature
    "the geraniums had already bloomed"
    coat (a lens) with a special surface layer so as to reduce reflection from its surface.

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