Fortnite BROKE my PS4…

Fortnite Battle: Royale – RIP PS4…
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47 thoughts on “Fortnite BROKE my PS4…

  1. That screen is not because it’s broken it’s because you turned off the PlayStation without buy basically you ripped out the plug if you did that’s what happens to me you take out the plug and then the PlayStation goes off and then it won’t use of that screen don’t just turn it off then turn it off properly otherwise things could get wiped off

  2. Got my PS4 day it came out and it does that every so often. Most of the time it is when I unplug my cable without turning off my ps4. It will break one day but hope it’s when the ps5 releases

  3. Mine and my husband old PS4 did that once when u turn it off do u turn off by its controller or by the Console also do make sure u check it’s system for updates and do clear out all the notifications

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