Fortnite Chapter 2 vs Apex Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 vs Apex Season 3
In this video we take a look at the newest seasons of fortnite and apex legends! Fortnite and apex have both changed so much from there launch! Which do you prefer more?

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18 thoughts on “Fortnite Chapter 2 vs Apex Season 3

  1. I like apex more because the legends in the game create a refreshing gameplay loop and not a single penny needs to be used to purchase other legends and legend cosmetics and the graphics are good for a free to play game

  2. 12:54 the reason why they pick Fortnite…Because the rest of Fortnite players are kids…And it's based on Kid-friendly content … I am an adult so I play Apex but it's realy hard to see kids on Apex actually it's based on what you like : Kid content games or family friendly not bloody stuff, or blood scary shadow legends and teamwork

  3. I will just say a thing fortinite for me in my opinion are the better game on the world remember my opinion your opinion everyone respect everyone opinion again fortinite is my favorite game

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